10.6.23: NYISE Stars Walk for ALS! Our Student Government Association culminated their Buzz Campaign by hosting a Virtual Walk for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Foundation. We commend their efforts that raised $271.00 and awareness of ALS.

Students and teachers are seen from behind, walking up a path on a school campus in the rain
Two teachers and three students are under a tend at a concession booth, selling snacks
a teacher is seen walking with a student holding their white can, on a path
a teacher is walking with two students holding their white canes on a rainy path on a campus
A teacher is guiding a blind student down a path, with more students and teachers behind them on a path
a crowd of students and teachers is seen from the front, heading up a straight path on a school campus in the rain
A group of students and teachers are seen walking up a path on a rainy day
A sign that reads "Walk to fight ALS" is on a wall, surrounded by dozens of names of students who participated and contributed to the walk.