* This event was part of our Student Wellness Works Program. Student Wellness Works is made possible through a generous grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation. Named after a tireless advocate for immigrants, children, and the poor, the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation funds programs and initiatives across New York State that either provide direct healthcare services or address the social determinants of health. For more information, visit https://www.cabrinihealth.org/

A boy is mid-cartwheel on a mat
a man is walking in front of a line of students in an auditorium, clapping
A man with a glitter jacket and top hat is talking to a crowd with a microphone in an auditorium
A crowd of students are standing at their auditorium seats, lifting their arms straight up
A girl is seen from the side, spinning a plate on a stick
A girl is seen from the front, spinning a pink plate on a stick
A boy is balancing a plate with a stick
a line of students on top of a blue gymnastics mat are bowing all at once
A man in a top hat and glitter jacket is holding a microphone
a boy is holding a hula hoop in front of a crowd in an auditorium
a girl is twirling ribbons in the middle of the stage
a boy is mid-cartwheel on a blue gymnastics mat