Our Seniors made their way to our beautiful Rose Garden on campus. The Rose Garden Ceremony is our annual way of having the Seniors leave something on campus forever. Seniors are seen here, each shoveling some dirt into a rose bush, then speaking to the rest of their graduating class and teachers. Planted along with the rose bush is a plaque that reads : "A Gift from the Class of 2023". This yearly tradition is a great way to send off our seniors!

A teacher and a boy are both holding a shovel in front of a rose bush outside
A boy is outside, standing in front of a rose bush
A teacher is leaning over helping a boy shovel dirt into a rose bush
A group of boys and girls are posing together on a path outside, each wearing a "Class of 2023" t-shirt.
A teacher is holding out a plaque, letting a boy feel it
A plaque is being held out buy a teacher, that reads "A Gift from the Class of 2023"