9.23.22: Our students had the pleasure of hearing from Griffin Pinkow this week. Griffin is a visually impaired athlete and he is the founder of the Foreseeable Future foundation. An organization that gets the visually impaired community active and involved. They create skills that will cultivate leadership within the visually impaired community and beyond. In these photos, we see Griffin addressing our students in the Gym. He is standing alone at a podium, speaking to a crowd of students on the bleachers. This is Griffin's Bio from the Foundation's website: "Griffin Pinkow has shared his remarkable story with countless individuals, inspiring both the sighted, and visually impaired community. He has run 4 marathons, created a non profit organization to help the visually impaired community, and is now attempting to make the Paralympic Team in Tandem Cycling, all before the age of 30. Going from a healthy teenager to slowly losing his sight can be physically and emotionally debilitating for anyone, but Griffin was able to persevere through the struggles, and has truly made a difference in hundreds of lives."