Our trip to the American museum of natural History <br><br>Our trip to the Museum of Natural History was fun, cool and educational. We went to the sea animal section and saw whales, polar bears, and seals. Polar bears eat Seals to survive. We got to touch the dolphin skull, the tusks, and we touched different kinds of teeth. We touched a dolphin skull and it was huge. We also touched a shark tooth and it was also big . We saw a 40 minute movie about humpback whales which was interesting. Polar bears are carnivorous. Humpback whales talk to each other by singing. They make pretty big waves. They can dive too. Then we went to see snakes, insects and bugs. Then we ate lunch and we looked at different kinds of rocks then we went to the planetary exhibition. After that we came back to school.<br><br>Looking forward to having more trips and have fun. - Janice Hunter<br><br>Photographer: Faye Rahni