The highlight of any senioru2019s school life is the Prom. We celebrate the event with the 8th Grade graduates of Schermerhorn and Van Cleve. Itu2019s a big day spent doing many preparations and the staff pitches in to make the day memorable. <br><br>A group of the older girls had an afternoon trip to Lord and Tayloru2019s Chanel counter for a makeover. Chanel has always been a gracious host to our students in years past and this year was no exception. The girls picked up makeup tips and left the store ready for a great night out. <br><br>Back in the dorms, the boys and the girls changed into their prom dresses and suits and got ready for the transports to F &amp; J Pine Restaurant. The food was delicious, the music loud and the memories everlasting. No prom would be complete without a King and Queen and a court of 2 Princesses and 2 Princes. <br><br>Overall, it was a lovely night that will be remembered for a very long time.<br><br>Photographers: Leyla Rodriguez (Nails), Kerrin Dougherty(Chanel), <br>Faye Rahni (Dorm Prep), The Haley's {Pines}, Denise Hidalgo (Dessert Table)