Women' History Month was celebrated with special guest speakers who shared their success stories with NYISE in celebration of all women that have made a difference in ALL of our lives. <br><br>The first speaker was Dr. Traci Alexander, a renowned journalist and educator. She gave an inspirational and motivating speech to the students on setting goals and never giving up on their ambitions. The second speaker was NYI Alumnus Diandra Forrest, an internationally known model with albinism. She shared with the students her love for NYISE and the fond memories of her time here as a student. <br><br>Also, we had a few of our students shed light on some iconic women in history and what made them amazing in their own unique ways. It was a terrific celebration and recognition of impactful and inspirational women.<br><br>We are very thankful to Leyla Rodriguez and Chelsea Baez for organizing a such a powerful and pertinent event. <br><br>Photographer: Kevin Figueroa