What treat the campers had today. It was Taco Tuesday and they had a visit from Chef Danforth Houle, owner of 2 Brooklyn restaurants. They learned about how to determine when fruits and vegetables are ripe and how to prepare them for their tacos. <br><br>It was all hands-on deck as the campers, under direction of Chef Dan, started cutting, slicing, peeling, mixing and shredding. Tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, mozzarella, avocados and limes all were prepared for the feast to come. They learned how guacamole is made and sample it on their tacos. <br><br>With the help of Matt Kaplowitz of Bridgemultimedia.com, the campers prepared their lunch and enjoyed a great afternoon. <br><br>Chef Danforth Houle is owner of the Cuban Cafu00E9 and the Cafu00E9 Luluc in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. Matt Kaplowitz is President of Bridge Multimedia, Bridge Multimedia is a New York City-based media company dedicated to supporting all facets of universally accessible media for entertainment, educational, commercial, and government applications. We thank them both for taking the time out of their busy careers to spend time with our campers. <br><br>Photographer: Christopher Busone