The New York Instituteu2019s Residential Program provides a home-like atmosphere while the students reside at school Monday through Friday. Students from the Schermerhorn and Van Cleve programs live in dormitories and interact with supportive and knowledgeable staff.<br><br>This summer, the residents have been kept busy with activities on campus and with trips to off-campus centers. On campus, the residents have access to our pool, gymnasium and a variety of recreational games and activities supervised by recreation therapists. <br><br>Off campus, we plan for a wide variety of experiences that keep the students entertained and having fun while learning new leisure skills. The residents have canoed down the Bronx River and are a frequent visitor to a local rock wall. <br><br>At NYI, we utilize recreation and other activity based interventions to address the needs of our students as a means to psychological and physical health. <br><br>Photographer: Frances Mclaughlin