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      The NYISE Jobnet ( Job Opportunities for the Blind ) programs, in conjunction with the Guidance and Career department offers our students a unique curriculum designed to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to enhance our students' career opportunities by providing at least three career experiences before graduating. This will allow our students to explore their career choices in a supportive environment, to provide an inclusionary program that will foster cooperation and communication between the NYISE and businesses in our community. Upon completion of this program our students' will be prepared with a job portfolio which will include job experiences, resume, letters of recommendation, and the resources they will need to succeed in the ever changing world of employment.

      In order to give more finite services to our students and to ensure a more effective employment rate among blind and visually impaired, we would like to expand our communication by placing articles and photos of our students working in the community and information about how our students can work for you. Hopefully we can develop an on going dialog between the employer and the employee ( our students ) and improve their chances for success. Jobnet is very interested in hearing from employers and assisting them in anyway we can. ( see benefits for employers ).

      The Jobnet program is a school based program our students' have a full day of academics and vocational classes. Our schools Guidance and Career department is very active in learning about the latest trends in employment options for our students, NY State requires that every student 14 years and older have a transition plan which includes all aspect of a individuals lifestyle.

      The Guidance and Career Program

      Career Exploration Class

      Career exploration classes allows our students the opportunity to research a variety of occupations through class lectures, special guests, and hands on experiences.


      Internships and volunteer placements assist us in ensuring that every student receives at least three job experiments before graduation.

      On-Campus Job Placement

      The Guidance and Career staff is very fortunate in having a large campus with a diverse resource of jobs, which include: secretarial, mail room, child care, gardening, print shop, maintenance, switchboard, receptionist, food service, student run coffee shop.

      Off-Campus Job Placement

      The main goal of our off-campus placement program is to give our student real work experience, allowing them to use the skills they've acquired. The job- site is developed with the student's interest in mind, once this is established the Job Developer and Job Coach search for a site that is suitable and assist the employer and student in making it a smooth transition for both. For example, a student is interested in becoming a Lawyer, we may find a placement in a legal aid office or a local law firm. The student job it to answer the phone. This job task has nothing to do with becoming a Lawyer but the environment is filled with individuals who are using legal vocabulary and procedures that have to do with this occupation. This will enhance the work experience for the student and allow them to make a informed decision about their future job choice.

      Home and Career Skills Class

      This class is provided for students from the ages of 12 to 14. The objective is to give them their first opportunity to understand the world of work and how important their role will be in this world.

      Introduction to Occupations Class

      The course is offered to students who are in the 9th or 10th grades. Its' curriculum has more advanced topics/lessons on the job market as a whole. Some topics covered include, marketing, cost of living, supply and demand. Students completing this course must pass a RCT to receive credit.

      Keyboarding/Clericial and Business Application Classes

      Access Technology and Occupational Education
      Unemployment and underemployment rates for blind and visually impaired persons have been a significant problem. Studies have shown that the unemployment rate among this group is as high as 70%. The New York Institute for Special Education, has taken a lead in helping to provide its students with the skills that they will require to be competitive in the work force. Access technology combined with occupational education has proven to be beneficial to students with visual impairments. Students receive comprehensive training in Access Technology (speech, or large print programs), and learn Keyboarding Skills, Clerical Skills, Business Communications, and Business and Computer Applications, Telecommunications.

      Student Run Coffee Shop

      This a favorite site for both vocational teachers and their students. The coffee shop experience is a wonderful site to teach students a variety of job skills, including working with and getting along with peers, punctuality, job completion, customer assistance, stock, inventory, general maintenance, menu planning, budgeting, shopping, food preparation, etc. This site offers the only paying job on-campus. During lunch periods, students can apply to work in the coffee shop for an hourly wage. The students must go through an interview procedure. Once hired, they will be evaluated regularly. Feedback will be given so they are able to enhance their job performance.

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